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TrikoneSpeak Series (an ongoing therapeutic group) - Oct session



What: TrikoneSpeak (an ongoing therapeutic group)
When:October 25th 7-8:30pm (monthly--every 4th Tuesday)
Location: Please email trikonespeak@gmail.com for location.

• RSVP to trikonespeak@gmail.com (this will help ensure that the room accommodates all of us)
• Please arrive by 7pm as we will begin on time and it is important that we all begin the group together.
• This group is for LGBTQ South Asians. If you are friend, family member, or ally please do not attend. There will be other opportunities for you to engage in dialogue with us.
• If you are new to this kind of group discussion, have no fear! The facilitator is invested in making sure community members who are coming with all different experiences, values, and levels of comfort are feeling welcome in this space.

More details:
TrikoneSpeak is a therapeutic group space for LGBTQ South Asians to engage in intentional dialogue and practice around issues that are central to our individual and collective well-being. This is not a typical support group, rather a space for us to share ideas about how to understand, frame, and share strategies around the issues that are both specific to us as individuals and reflect patterns and social forces in our communities.

As LGBTQ South Asians, we have some shared experiences, while also being from a variety of backgrounds, histories, and environments. As a group, we will share responsibility in creating an environment in which everyone can get support. While we all experience personal pain and struggle, we get better—grow and develop emotionally—with others. While traditional therapies often focus on the individual (the “self”), we will focus on the group, on being with others “in the world.”

TrikoneSpeak will be facilitated in keeping with the following values:
• We are each an authority on our own lives and experiences.
• The group is a space for us to create and practice the kinds of exchanges we would like to have beyond the group—with our friends, families, partners, at work, and in society at large.
• We are committed to treating each other and ourselves with respect, care, and honesty.
• We are committed to gaining self-awareness and reflection so that we may support each other in creating a more just society.

Have additional questions or concerns? Please email Sabina Neem at TrikoneSpeak@gmail.com.

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