South Asian LGBTQ Organizations

Here, you'll find a sampling of queer desi links around the United States, Canada, and beyond. This list is by no means comprehensive! Many of the web pages listed here provide yet more resources for you. In particular, many of the queer South Asian pages have lists of groups and resources around the world.

Queer desi websites around the U.S.

Khuli Zaban (Chicago)


KhushNet (KhushNet has a list of queer desi links worldwide)



Trikone (San Francisco Bay Area)

Satrang (formerly Trikone-LA)


Queer desi websites around Canada

HELP! We can find no information on current queer desi internet links in Canada. Send us what you know!

Internet mailing lists and groups

Desidykes is a mailing list restricted to South Asian lesbians.

Khush, initiated in 1992, is the oldest co-gender electronic mailing list for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender South Asians and their allies.

SAGrrls is a mailing list for, by, and about South Asian lesbians and bisexual women. This mailing list is open to any lesbian or bisexual woman who self-identifies in part or whole as a South Asian or who has some significant familial South Asian heritage.

SA-PFLAG is a list for parents, friends, and family of South Asian gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender individuals.

This mailing list is a list for helping to organize and collect resources for Parents, Friends and Family of South Asian gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender individuals.